Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Bibs

Preventing your baby from spilling their freshly prepared meal all over their new t-shirt is never easy. Baby bibs are a budget friendly option that will allow parent’s to feel comfortable with letting their baby do what they do best, make a mess. Available in polyester as well as cotton, baby bibs can be customized to any style imaginable. Screen printed units are available and can be customized for any occasion, including, but not limited to hospital promotional items as well as baby gifts and any other special occasion. Polyester is a better baby bib fabric choice if you are interested in having the items screen printed. Polyester is used extensively in the baby clothing industry because it is a very versatile fabric, but still is soft to the touch and will not irritate the baby’s neck area. Polyester is part of the polymers category. Depending on the exact chemical structure of the Polyester, it may be thermoset or thermoplastic. The most common Polyester chemical structure is thermoplastics.
Cotton baby bibs are extremely popular because of their low cost and their ability to provide a durable, customizable product, while still providing protection from food and liquid spillage. Cotton is a breathable textile and is used throughout the baby clothing industry for its soft, gentle attributes. Screen printing can be done on the baby bibs to allow the user to add a quote, picture or anything else onto the product to personalize to their exact needs. There are a few different types and styles of cotton knits. Interlock knit is a common cotton fabric style that provides strength and breathability. The Organic Baby Bibs are made with 100% organic cotton and are available in multiple colors to allow the user to personalize their baby depending if it is a boy or girl. 1x1 rib allows the fabric to stretch in one direction to allow for the baby’s head to fit through the baby bib without applying too much pressure to the cranium. It is recommended that 2 Ply Baby Bibs, use only one color when using screen printing. Screen printing is a technique that uses a woven mesh fabric that will support an ink blocking stencil. Multiple number of screens can product a multicolored image that will show very find details. This method is a fast and efficient way of producing large quantities of custom logos and pictures as promotional items as well as gifts for the holidays.

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