Monday, October 29, 2012

Baby Blankets

Everyone has a favorite childhood memory and for most people, their baby blanket is hands-down their favorite. The soft, comforting feeling of baby blankets is undeniable. These items have a variety of different decorative and practical uses for users of all shapes and sizes. Newborns may use several types of baby blankets throughout their childhood. Providing comfort and warmth at the same time is what makes them so sought after by our babies. The baby blankets have multiple uses including, but not limited to being spread out on the floor to provide a soft, comfortable area to crawl and sit as well as changing the baby’s diapers. Most users like to decorate the fabric to look beautiful because they are great for hanging up in a nursery as a decorative item to showcase the great design and imagination of the parents.
There are a few different types of baby blankets, including swaddling blankets, baby quilts and receiving blankets. All newborns typically will use the swaddling type because it keeps them warm and gives them the feeling that they are still in the comfort of the mother’s uterus because the blanket is perfect for wrapping up the baby tightly. This type is generally going to be flat, square blankets or they may even be especially shaped for wrapping tightly around the baby. Sizing is a very important part of choosing the best baby blankets because with the incorrect size, your baby may not be as comfortable as possible. The baby may come emotionally attached to a specific blanket because of its comforting features. They may even sleep, cuddle and carry it with them throughout the day. There are some users who refer to the baby blankets as security blankets because they provide familiarity and comfort to the child. Over the years, the security units are specifically designed for this use and may even have soft, stuffed animals or characters attached to furthermore comfort the baby. Baby blankets are typically made with a 100% Cotton Interlock Knit. There are many different color options available including pink, baby blue and even animal print! Organic cotton is very popular for its organic properties and overall soft feeling to the touch while not irritating the baby’s skin. Baby blankets can be custom screen printed, embroidered or even done with sublimation. These comforting, security items have always been a baby’s best friend and will continue to be for many years to come.

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