Monday, October 29, 2012

Toddler T-Shirts

Everyone remembers that time at the mall when you could see that strangers toddler from a mile away because of that hideous toddler t-shirt they dressed their child in? Parent's usually like to dress their son or daughter in beautiful clothing because it is a true reflection of the parent's. This type of clothing is light and easy to wear and can be worn for various occasions. The type of fabric the item is made from is very important. Each toddler t-shirt is made from 100% cotton or polyester and offers a different knit type and style including interlock knit, interlock blend and rib knit. Interlock knit is a common style because it provides strength and durability while still being not too light and not too heavy which makes it simple to sew and very comfortable to wear day after day for your baby. The knits "recovery" refers to its ability to stretch, adapting to the size of your toddler and then being able to recover and go back to its original form.

Cotton interlock is the most common because of the fabrics features. Polyester interlock is a great option for custom printing on each toddler t-shirt. There is always a great sense of success when you are able to create a custom logo or heading and have your toddler express your creation. A cotton/poly blend is a great option for those users that would like to put a logo or custom design on the toddler t-shirt, but also want the soft, cotton features. Toddler clothing needs to be soft and flexible while still providing a protection layer against the everyday messes. Although polyester is better for applying custom printing, cotton is the more common interlock fabric. Long sleeve toddler t-shirts are great for the cool summer days or even the winter months. It offers versatility and comfort for the child. Polyester interlock blend is tightly knitted and offers a better surface for printing. This fabric also allows for a better result when customization is required. Toddler t-shirts don’t have to be an eye sore, they can become a great way to express you and your toddlers feelings by using your imagination, the possibilities are truly endless. A toddler t-shirt is a great gift to buy a friend or family member and is also great as a promotional item. Fitted clothing is hard to find, it is important to find a brand of a toddler t-shirt that fits your child best, providing protection and comfort all in one.

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